Can We Talk?

Tonight, I got to sing with someone I totally idolised when I was a child.
Occurrences like this, I find SO surreal.
I wish that I could go back in time & tease my younger self.
I'd probably sit me down and say "Can we talk for a minute?" 
Haha. I'd be so jealous.


Tevin lover said...

AWESOME! Would love to have seen that.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical~ i remembr him
where are you? r u in america??

miamoo said...

Totally understand! When I was about 11 years old I love loved Rhonda Burchmore and Caroline O'connor. As you know working in this industry we get to meet these amazingly talented people who become our friends! If someone had told me that when I would sing along to Rhonda and Caroline on tv/stage with their pictures on my wall by my bed that one day I could call either one a friend I probably would have said you were mad!!
Mia xx

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