Splendour in the Grass

https://www.facebook.com/SimmonsFlip/photos/a.103803085946.102383.97804370946/10150304887640947/?type=3&theaterFlip is set to perform at outdoor music festival Splendour in the Grass with The Next Step

The Next Step features an original soundtrack, singer Flip Simmons, rapper Adam Katz and some of the best Tap,
Hip-Hop and Break Dancers in Australia. A culmination of performers from So You Think You Can Dance, Tapdogs and more.

“Watching the show is inspiring and refreshing. They are unbeaten in their field.”
 -- Daily Telegraph


Anonymous said...


miamoo said...

Splendor, awesome!! I wish Tanya was still here running these events :( Mia xx

Anonymous said...

I really want to go it''s sold out. So annoying. HAVE FUN and say hi to KANYE N COLD PLAY N 6 BILLION AMAZING OTHER ACTS THAT I CANT SEE COZ THERE ARE NO MORE TICKETS. GRRRR!!!

Jacinlian Thoms said...


Jase Herrøn said...

Holy shit. You guys had the breakdancers and tappers and did the workshops as well. I was there. I had no idea who you were back then Flip so wicked. Had the best time at that stage. Best Splendour year I've had. Kanye, Coldplay, Kimbra... brilliant.

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