TWITTER: How It Works For Me

It's no secret that I love Twitter. I am an unashamed social media lover and if something new comes out, I love to get in there and check it out. Twitter was no exception... It took me a long while to work out how it worked best (for me), but I have all of my online presence connected through my twitter - Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Path and many others. 

I get a lot of questions in regards to Twitter, so, here are facts about my Twitter life:


I've been on Twitter since 2009.


When I first joined twitter I made it a rule that I would follow people back, and I did, and still do - However, it became problematic as I didn't realise how out of hand it would get. I follow back people once a month or so now - I love me a follow back spree. 

The reason I stayed on Twitter was mainly connectivity to the world at large, whilst still maintaining a level of privacy and for and breaking news. Also, sometimes, people you least expect to, follow or write to you... Like Lady GagaAshton Kutcher.
A big turning point for me in my early days on the site was aplusk [Ashton Kutcher] had a conversation with me. He had finished his work day at 5am and asked if because of the time it was okay for him to have a beer given he just finished filming, I told him it was a decent hour in Australia and then we had a beer together on twitter. It was hilarious and cemented my love for the site. I've also chatted to some of my musical heroes on there and even have some world leaders following me. It's all just a bit of fun and I love it.


I try to be as interactive as I can be... but go through phases of devoting my time to it, particularly when busy. But I do try to get back to anyone that contacts me.


A retweet or reply does not necessarily mean that I endorse what has been written, or that I agree with or idolise the person(s) who tweeted the post. What I retweet, or reply to, may pertain to current world events or a particular situation of which I'm privy to, or simply be something that I want people to see. 


I'm not sure why people feel the need to let me know they are unfollowing me because they don't agree with what I have posted or my personal and particular views on something. 

If you're going to unfollow me, just do it. I don't need to know about it and I'm certainly not going to reply to the fact that you don't agree that I believe that gay marriage is an equal human rights issue, or you don't like that I raise money for a particular cause of which you do not agree with OR that you don't like that I take photos of cranes, sunsets or puppies... I like these things and I believe in these things - I won't apologise for doing so. 

Same goes for my unfollowing people. If I've unfollowed you, you're either posting something I cannot handle, doesn't sit well with me or don't want to follow any longer for my own personal reasons. How about we leave it at that? There's also a block function - it's great for abuse. Speaking of, this brings me to the next fun topic; Twitter fights.


I try not to engage in Twitter fights. I'm more of the belief that if you're being attacked publicly, in social media form, it's best to not to. Sometimes this is not always possible, or you just can't avoid certain things. Trolls on twitter and YouTube seem to the be the nastiest I've ever encountered. They search for keywords and phrases and then attack. I had a ton of abuse from #TeamBreezy - Domestic abuse crime evader Chris Brown's fan club - during the time he put his girlfriend in hospital by beating her face in. All I did to cop the abuse was use the horrible situation as an example and post a link to White Ribbon Australia, a charity that works to prevent male violence against women, of which I have been aligned with in the past. 


Lists. I follow my friends and my favourite interesting people and pages utilising lists function. 


When Twitter first was introduced, the twitter app for phones wasn't particularly reliable or user friendly, so I used many different apps to run my twitter page. Ecofon is my staple viewing and posting app and I love it. I also manage my band, some charities I'm associated with, and some friend's twitter accounts and it was the first app of it's kind to let you manage between other accounts. 
I also use Flipboard as I love the look and style and how it incorporates my social media accounts, and my favourite magazines & papers - on my iPad... AND I like the name.


My Twitter photo hasn't changed since I first joined. It's a photo of me at Isle of Pines, New Caledonia... It serves as a reminder that I need to get to the gym. Haha.  

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