Last night, I attended the gala opening night of MARY POPPINS, at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne - Many thanks to the good folk at Disney.

Much fun was had, with a buzzing audience full of industry professionals, celebrities and family and friends.

What a terrific show! I enjoyed watching many of my friends give such fine performances.

My personal highlights; Leah Howard's spectacular turn as Mrs. Corry in Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Matt Lee's magical moment tapping upside down on the rafters of the theatre, and the spectacular chorus numbers.

If you find yourself in Melbourne, go and see a show that is "Practically Perfect"

On the way to the after party,
in a traditional London Cab -
Courtesy of Sir Cameron Mackintosh ;-)
w/ Fiona Sullivan (L) & Simon Bentley (B)
Photos thanks to - Cristina Zellet


Anonymous said...

I won tickets an was there too. Best night ever!!! I spotted you talking to David Harris near the box office hes so dreamy you should do a duet with him!!!
I wish I could have gone to the after party those cabs looked wicked.
love the pics you posted!!

<#3 Lara --- PS you followed me on twitter YAY thank you ♥‿♥

Anonymous said...

Were you in london? Why did you have little union jacks?

Jay Dee said...

Musical insider's blog about opening night...
Your mentioned in it as well =0)
Hope you had a fun night sound like everybody was there!!!

Read the link BELOW!!!

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