Rest in peace, RJ Rosales

I'm absolutely shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of RJ Rosales.

I first met RJ when I did a musical with him, when I was 17 years old. I knew exactly who he was when he walked into the rehearsal room because, when I was 15, I saw him sing at the Grand Philippine Fiesta, in Sydney, where I was completely blown away by his song and the power of his voice. I was SO inspired. I taped his performance and used to sing along to it - I never told him this, out of sheer embarrassment. I wish I had... I'm sure he would have loved it.

Thank you, RJ.
Thank you, for inspiring me.
Thank you, for introducing me to Martin Nievera.
Thank you, for being so kind and lovely to work with, and
thank you, for being here and for sharing your talents with the world.

I know you're up there, in your new home, singing with the angels
and making them sound infinitely better.

MARAMING, maraming salamat po sa inyo.

Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!
lots of love to you flip

Anonymous said...

how sad :-(

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