Hi guys, Just letting you know I am now on Tumblr.

I will still blog here from time-to-time, but mostly things that relate my performing and what goes on behind the scenes, or the causes I believe in. 

All other random posts about, life, music, movies etc will be flipped over to my Tumblr page. So those with Tumblr can reblog, heart & follow things that I like or see on there.

I've also allowed the "ask me anything" page on there, where I promise to try to be more interactive, rather than with the questions that you've sent me through the contact page, here on my website.

Anyway, I am just getting the hang of it all and I'm slowly working the world - that is Tumblr - all out.

Looking forward to sharing some fun and interesting things, with you, on there.

 ❤   FL!P ♓ 

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