Darling Harbour Fiesta 2010

I had a blast performing with The Next Step over the last couple of days.  Be sure to catch them on the rest of their
Do it on the Dance Floor tour. 

Now, onto the Darling Harbour Fiesta, fireworks 

Come watch, as the Fiesta reaches sizzling heights on Sunday night, Oct 3, 
 when fireworks light up the sky to a live performance by Mi Tierra.

The Darling Harbour Fiesta is a free event - Hope to see you there!
See MI TIERRA in action on their YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

I just read your tweets about the fiesta on twitter.. hahaha ~~ corse on twitter cant tweet anywhere else... anyway you said you sing nube pasejera...cool song do you speak spanish or just sing it???

Anonymous said...

I love the harbour fiesta. When is it on again>?

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